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Atmospheric Heating Notes

What happens to energy that

  1. Solar energy is absorbed by the Earth. Absorb means to take in.

hits the Earth?

50% is absorbed by Earth’s surface.


25 % is scattered and reflected by clouds and air.


20% is absorbed by the ozone layer, clouds, and atmosphere. gases.


5% is reflected by Earth’s surface.


What are the processes of

  1. Radiation – the transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves.

Radiation, conduction, and

EX. Holding your hand near a fire place.


  1. Conduction – the transfer of energy as heat through a material.

Ex. Leaving a spoon in a boiling pot… the spoon gets hot.

  1. Convection – the transfer of energy by the circular movement of gas

A liquid or gas.


What is the greenhouse

  1. Carbon dioxide absorbs heat energy, then radiates it back into the




What is global warming?

  1. Is an increase in the average global temperature.

What are the effects of global

  1. It melts the polar ice caps.


It destroys the polar bears’ and penguins’ habitat.


It raises the sea level.


It kills coral colonies.

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