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Forecasting Weather Notes

What is a weather forecast?

  1. The prediction of weather conditions of weather over a few days.

Instruments used to predict





  1. Carries electric equipment & measures temperature, air pressure, &

relative humidity.


  1. Measures temperature is known as isotherms


  1. Measures air pressure is measured in milli bars

Windsock and wind vane

  1. Measures wind direction


6. Measures wind speed



  1. Locates fronts and air masses


  1. Orbits the Earth & produces images of weather systems, they also

Measure wind speeds, humidity, and temperatures from different


Altitudes. They are also used to track storms.

What are weather maps?

  1. The National Weather Service & the National Oceanographic

Atmospheric Administration collect data from 1,000 weather


Stations from across the country to produce a map of weather


Conditions from across the country.

Weather Symbols

L= Low Pressure

H= High Pressure


What 3 conditions do balloons

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